The Ultimate Guide to Branded Merchandise and Promotional Products for Small Business and Non-Profits

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  1. How branded merchandise will boost your business
  2. How to use branded merchandise as a Non-profit
  3. How to use branded merchandise as a small or local business
  4. The top myths about branded merchandise
  5. Conclusion

Large companies and organizations use their own promotional products for marketing purposes. This trend is spreading to small businesses, but many owners still do not understand how T-shirts, hoodies, masks, or other branded merchandise can help with marketing. Owners face many challenges, such as minimum order, design, and distribution method.

Let’s take a look at how branded merchandise will help your organization or business, I’ll emphasize the top 6 reasons.

1. Cost-effective marketing strategy

Compared to other sources of traffic like advertising campaigns on the internet, on television, or in newspapers.
Advertising products interest the buyer and he has much more confidence in the brand

Hint: Average Cost Per Impression on a branded merchandise is only $0.004.

2. Brand awareness

Brand awareness allows you to retain customers for years and recommend this brand to friends. What could be better?

Hint: 50% of people use promotional products every day.

Hint: 60% of people keep promotional products for more than 2 years.

Hint: 15% of people say that after receiving promotional products their trust and interest in the brand have increased.

3. Loyalty of donors, buyers, partners.

The benefits gained from branded merchandise and custom products have long exceeded their price tag. By giving custom products as a gift, you get the loyalty of people who interact with your organization and invest money.

Hint: 85% of consumers do business with the company from which they received branded merchandise.

Hint: 90% of people remember the name of the company from which they received their branded merchandise within 24 months.

4. Lead generation

You can use promotional products in giveaways on social networks, or make additional sales in an offline point.

For example, offer to buy a T-shirt and get coffee as a gift.

Hint: you can get a free consultation from Merchendaries about your custom product opportunities.

5. You will stand out from the competition

By using the custom products you build long-term relationships with your consumers and a stable brand with engaged, interested, and dedicated clients

6. Corporate culture

We talked a lot about people who interact with the brand from outside, but don’t forget about your employees. Branded merchandise increases brand confidence within the colleagues, makes people happier and more loyal.

How Non-profit organizations can use branded merchandise?

  1. Sell ​​products using the website, social networks, or events.
  2. Gift products to donors and your team.
  3. Perform giveaways for distribution among your community.
  4. Take pictures in branded t-shirts, hoodies for social networks.

How to use branded merchandise for small and local businesses

  1. Sell ​​products in offline points of your business.
  2. Upsell other products using branded products.
  3. Gift products to your regular customers.
  4. Giveaway branded merchandise on social media networks for more activity and awareness.
  5. Gift promotion products to your team that interacts with customers.

Hint: Merchendaries helped dozens of small businesses to develop their own branded merchandise with no minimum order.

Myths about branded merchandise

I have to order large quantities

Merchendaries do not have a minimum order, you can order and test any number of products, depending on your preferences

I don’t know how to design

We work with clients for a long time and make designs specifically for your brand, you do not need to hire designers and spend additional money

Branded merchandise won’t help my business

I have provided the above metrics that describe a positive impact on your business or organization. When you sell or giveaway branded merchandise to your first customer or sponsor, you will immediately understand the full benefits of this marketing approach.

Hint: Go to Merchendaries and order your own branded products with no minimum order.


Branded merchandise and promotional products make a great impact on your business, allowing you to attract new customers at the cheapest prices on the market and retain old ones, making them true fans of your brand, improve your corporate culture and take your business to a new, long-term level. Branded merchandise does not require large investments, and the effect is visible immediately.

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